A Look Inside Charleston Architecture And What Makes It Different

Charleston is steeped in history and culture. The streets are lined with buildings and homes that have historic significance, and the town is known as one of the most well-preserved historic sites in the country. As you walk the streets, you’ll run across markers at every turn, telling the stories of Charleston’s past, its residents and its heroes, the battles fought and the victories won.

Museums and Attractions

Along this famous historic boulevard, you’ll find that nearly every building has a story to tell. As you walk around, be sure to examine the Nathaniel Russell house, a standing testament to the wealth that was accumulated by the city’s elite in the years leading up to the Civil War. The home was built in 1808 for a mind-blowing $80,000, in an era when the average home cost around $265. The home has been converted to a museum, and is open to tours.

Unique Facades

Charleston is awash in examples of traditional and historic methods of building, including carpentry, plasterwork, framing, masonry, and iron and other metalworking techniques that go back as far as the Revolutionary War era. When you tour Charleston’s historic sites, you’re not just getting to see the history, you’re seeing unique architecture that dates back hundreds of years, a solid, enduring testament to the past.


Preservation of Charleston’s architecture is an important piece of the local culture. Efforts have accumulated over the decades to preserve and protect some of our most unique and beautiful architecture, and to accurately reflect our long and rich history. As you study Charleston’s unique architecture, you can also learn about efforts to preserve the treasures represented by Charleston architecture. We have many fine examples of classical architecture available to study, for folks interested in seeing the history of southern building and design.