Charleston Porches

Few places can match the charm and personality of Charleston. The pride, history, and environment combine in a mysterious blend of allure that is simply unmatched elsewhere. In the South, the porch is a mainstay, a major part of the social structure of the home. It’s where friends come to sit a spell, where we sip sweet tea with a book and perhaps nap. A beautiful porch increases curb appeal and adds value, bringing a home’s welcoming personality to life.

Personalize Your Porch

Charleston Porches

There are so many touches that make a house a home, and those touchescan extend from indoors onto the porch with some simple touches. The shaded area of Charleston porches are the perfect place to house baskets and pots of flowers, adding a touch of color and welcome to your home. Consider painting the porch ceiling a shade of traditional blue, a color that brings nostalgia and comfort for many natives. Traditionally, wicker furniture graces Southern porches, but here, too, you can use your imagination and exercise your personal taste, accessorizing with throw pillows in pleasing patterns to create a welcoming retreat for friends and family.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Although television and movies celebrate the large wrap around porches that are common on some some southern homes, the size of the porch is far less important than the use of the space. When choosing furniture and other accessories, consider the available space and traffic patterns. You’ll want to arrange your furniture for optimum movement around and to the sitting area. It’s better to incorporate a smaller bench or swing and a cozy table into a smaller space than to try to fill every inch with seating that’s awkward and difficult to reach. For smaller porches, consider hanging baskets rather than pots for flowers and plants, and take advantage of smaller spaces with cozy furniture that fits the space and your sense of style.

Southern Hospitality- Charleston Porches

No matter the size or style of your porch, it’s the place you’ll want to entertain, so express yourself through your choice of decorations and paint colors, to create a warm welcome steeped in Southern hospitality. Let Novella Homes help you design the porch of your dreams. Call today.