Luxury Home Features

True luxury home builders understand that today’s families desire amenities in their homes that fit their lifestyle. A home needs to suit not only the immediate needs of the family, but allow for the growth and development that is the natural progression of children growing up and the family’s changing structure. When designing your home, we look at both your needs now and your future.

Open Space Design

Charleston luxury home builders understand that the heart of southern life is hospitality. We love to entertain, and we love enjoying our space together. An open air plan, with fewer restricting walls tends to lend itself to the flexibility and interaction families want. Higher ceilings and open designs provide families the freedom to move between rooms smoothly and helps make furniture placement more intuitive and less restricted.


Technology is here to stay, and today’s luxury custom homes need to make room for innovation. Care is needed when planning electricity and other utilities, to allow for multiple electrical outlets as well as room for cables, fiber optics, and other developing technologies. Be sure to discuss your family’s technological needs with your home builder, and plan for upcoming technological developments.

Dedicated Rooms

Game rooms, home theaters, and even spa bathrooms are common in today’s luxury homes. These amenities must be created with an eye to the future. A walk-in shower with jets that spray from multiple directions may seem like an indulgence, but it’s an investment in your family’s comfort for  years to come. A dedicated theater with the functionality to provide surround-sound and luxury seating provides your family a gathering place and another opportunity to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

Your Needs

When researching luxury home builders, Charleston SC residents should consider their current and future needs, as well as the long-term value of the home. Certain luxury features, like a well-appointed bathroom, a kitchen with the latest modern appliances, and open floor plans, are nearly guaranteed to pay big dividends in the future if your family decides to sell. Contact us today to discuss your family’s home building needs.